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The semester that was, Part 2: A 3x3x3 reflection on Modern Algebra

Another 3x3x3 reflection on my Winter courses, this time my Modern Algebra class. »

The semester that was: A 3x3x3 reflection on Calculus

What I learned, what surprised me, and what I still don't know about the Calculus class that just finished up. »

What I learned from an open-technology policy in my classes

In the fall, I instituted an open-technology policy in all my classes. I'm not going back. »

Four things I used to think about calculus, and what I’ve replaced them with

Throwback to a 2009 article on changing conceptions of Calculus teaching -- with updates for 2021. »

Building Modern Algebra: Assessments

More on the upcoming Modern Algebra class: The big ideas of the course and how I'm assessing those. »