What we need for the Second Iteration

Next semester, we need to move from adequacy to excellence in our online teaching. We'll need three things to make that work. »

(Repost) Planning as an act of hope

How do you approach planning short- and long-term goals, when you have no idea what the next 120 days will be like, or even if you'll be around at the end of it? »

How to have students submit handwritten work in an online setting

Here's my simple solution to the problem of collecting student work in an online setting that would normally be done by hand. »

Guiding principles for academic work in unprecedented times

Some general principles and strategies from my faculty and also some principles for department chairs, from one clueless chair in over his head to all the others. »

Three thoughts on active learning and self-teaching

"The teacher isn't teaching and I'm having to teach myself the material" has three embedded misconceptions that need to be addressed. »