Hi there. I'm Robert Talbert and welcome to my website.

I am a Professor and currently Assistant Chair in the Mathematics Department at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan USA. In this position I teach 2-3 classes a year, conduct research (mostly in the teaching and learning of undergraduate mathematics, but sometimes in pure mathematics), and help with the administration of our (very large) math department in a number of different ways.

My undergraduate degree is in Mathematics from Tennessee Technological University. My Ph.D. degree is in Mathematics from Vanderbilt University (1997) where I studied algebraic topology, homological algebra, and category theory under the direction of Efstratios Prassidis. Prior to GVSU, I was on the faculty at Bethel College (Indiana) and Franklin College.

I'm active as a speaker and consultant in the areas of flipped learning, teaching with technology, self-regulated learning, and other areas. To learn more about my speaking and consulting, please head over to my Speaking page.

At this website you'll find many blog articles I've written on math, technology, education, productivity, and more. I've been blogging on these issues since 2005, and the blog has had four major redesigns in that period. The redesigns affect the availability of the articles I've posted, so here's where everything is:

  • All posts from 2016--2018 are located here at this website.
  • Posts from 2015 are located at a previous version of this website, hosted on GitHub. I'm currently in the process of manually (!) moving these posts over to the new website, with newer articles being moved first. If you're looking for an article from this period and it's not here, send me an email (below) or a Tweet and ask me about it. Or, you can go to the GitHub repo and look for the source file (found in the \_posts directory). I hope to have all those 2015 posts migrated to this site by summer 2019.
  • From 2011 through 2015, my blog was hosted by the Chronicle of Higher Education, and all posts from that era are still located there as well as all the posts from the earliest incarnation of my website from 2005 through 2011. You can access those here and then search for what you're looking for. Those posts will probably never be moved over here to the new website, sorry.

To contact me:

To learn a little more about me and my teaching approach, here's a short video that was made by GVSU when I won the Pew Teaching With Technology award in 2015.