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Designing the future faculty office

While on sabbatical with Steelcase, I was involved in a project to re-envision the faculty office. Rather than seeing it go away, the faculty office will stick around: As a learning space. »

More research on large active learning spaces: the TEAL project

To follow up on the last 1000-word literature review on SCALE-UP, the TEAL project at MIT studied implementing active learning in large physics classes using technology. We take a look at what they found. »

Scaling Up active learning to large courses and large spaces

Can you take active learning techniques for introductory physics that work for smaller classes and successfully implement them for large sections? This classic paper on active learning spaces tries to find out. »

4+1 Interview with Andrew Kim

Restarting the 4+1 Interview series with questions for Andrew Kim, manager of the Workspace Futures group at Steelcase. »

The case for space in flipped learning

If you were to design a learning space specifically for a flipped learning course, what would it look like? »