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Using OKRs for better goal setting

The concept of OKRs (objectives and key results) is a healthier and more productive approach to goal-setting than traditional methods. »

What can higher education learn from the business world?

A recap of a talk to Student Affairs professionals about what makes a good working culture. »

Sabbatical lessons, part 4: People and culture

In this final post on lessons learned on sabbatical, I focus on the two fundamental forces of change in higher ed: people and culture. »

Designing the future faculty office

While on sabbatical with Steelcase, I was involved in a project to re-envision the faculty office. Rather than seeing it go away, the faculty office will stick around: As a learning space. »

Sabbatical lessons, part 3: The hard work of innovation

Innovation: It's a word that higher education both loves and hates. What is innovation, and what did I learn in my sabbatical about it? »