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Sabbatical lessons, part 2: More lessons from industry, particularly about agility

Higher education can learn a lot of things from industry. Here are three such things, especially the importance of agility. »

Sabbatical lessons, part 1: What business and higher education have in common

Lesson 1 from my sabbatical: Business and higher education have more in common than we academics think. »

Sabbatical lessons, part 0: What I did as an embedded academic

I'm rolling out a 10-part series on the big takeaways from my sabbatical at Steelcase this year. This post sets this series up and gives a summary. »

4+1 Interview with Andrew Kim

Restarting the 4+1 Interview series with questions for Andrew Kim, manager of the Workspace Futures group at Steelcase. »

Three things higher education can learn from corporations

I've noticed three things at Steelcase that universities would do well to think about. »