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How GTD has helped me during the pandemic

Getting Things Done (GTD) has played a big role in helping me not just survive but sort of thrive during the last year. »

Approaching balance in an academic life

This post from 2015 about seeking balance has a lot to say about work in higher education as we enter the pandemic-infused Fall semester. »

Three themes for 2020

Based on a wild 2019, I'm not making resolutions for 2020 -- just three overarching themes to live by. »

On saying No gracefully

A recent Inside Higher Ed post prompts a discussion of the most basic right of every tenure-track faculty: The right to say no. How do you do it with grace? »

Five things I wish I'd known in my first semester as a professor

In response to a reader question, here are five things I wish I had learned before I started my first professor gig 20 years ago. »