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Morning and afternoon rituals for peace and productivity

Rituals and routines provide structure and motivation for life and work. Here are morning and afternoon routines I've adopted that I've found helpful. »

My GTD reboot part 3: Getting Apps Done

In part 3 of my GTD reboot series, we look at GTD software applications and how I choose them. »

GTD Reboot part 2: Workflows

In this second post of a series on rethinking GTD: How do changes in philosophy lead to changes in workflows? »

My GTD reboot, part 1: Rethinking the system

Recent events have caused me to completely rethink how I'm using the Getting Things Done philosophy. First of a three-part mini-series. »

Why should academics be productive?

Productivity isn't about efficiency or looking good. What is it about and why should it matter to academics? »