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Is flipping an online course possible? (Throwback)

A throwback post from 2015, wrestling with the possibility of flipped learning in an online setting. »

Building Calculus: The toolbox

Just like everything else, the learning tools we choose for a course have to be selected mindfully and with learning objectives in sight. »

The one thing to do now for Fall 2020

What is the one thing to do for Fall 2020 right now that will give you the most return? »

Building Calculus: Materials

The next installment in the series about building my fall Calculus course focuses on instructional materials -- how to pick them, and how to align them with the rest of the course. »

Students can't actually learn on their own... can they?

Throwback post from 2014 keeping up the discussion of student self-teaching and self-learning. Can students actually learn things on their own? »