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Using Google Drive, Mendeley, Evernote, and Trello to manage a remote collaborative research project

In working on a major literature review project for my sabbatical with a remote collaborator, I rigged several useful online resources together to provide a usable framework to get the work done. »

Returning to analog and putting digital in its place

I describe steps I am taking to draw down the presence of digital technology in my life and work, and embrace analog tools. »

How I wrote my book using Markdown, Pandoc, and a little help from the internet

I had a lot of fun writing my book, but it took some work to figure out how to actually write it using tools I like to use. Here's my solution. »

How I use Evernote

Part of my simple trusted system for GTD is Evernote. What is this app? What's it for? What does it have to do with GTD? And why should people pay for it? »

Using the computer as a tool for thinking in discrete mathematics

What is computational thinking? What does it look like in discrete mathematics courses? And what are good tools for helping get this done? »