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My GTD reboot part 3: Getting Apps Done

In part 3 of my GTD reboot series, we look at GTD software applications and how I choose them. »

What to do about Algebra 2?

A recent Forbes article calls for replacing Algebra 2 with computational thinking. What's good about that idea and what needs more careful thought? »

The rise and fall of Slack in my teaching: A cautionary tale

Slack looks like a great platform for student communication, especially in a hybrid or online course. But is it always the best solution? »

The case for Chromebooks

I bought a Samsung Chromebook Pro to replace my iPad, then challenged myself to use it for a week as my primary work computer. The results were surprising. »

Humanizing computation

Mathematics education needs an update in its ideas about the role of hand computation: Let the human do human things, and the computer do computer things. »