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The power of student-generated examples in mathematics

Why don't we have students generating their own examples more often? And how might such a strategy of student-generated examples look in practice? »

4+1 Interview: Bonni Stachowiak

In this 4+1 interview, we talk with Bonni Stachowiak, host of the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast. »

4+1 Interview: Josh Eyler

In this 4+1 interview I check in with Josh Eyler about his new book "How Humans Learn". »

Traditional grading: The great demotivator

A new study presents sobering facts about the negative effects of traditional grading on college students' motivation. »

The rise and fall of Slack in my teaching: A cautionary tale

Slack looks like a great platform for student communication, especially in a hybrid or online course. But is it always the best solution? »