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Traditional grading: The great demotivator

A new study presents sobering facts about the negative effects of traditional grading on college students' motivation. »

The rise and fall of Slack in my teaching: A cautionary tale

Slack looks like a great platform for student communication, especially in a hybrid or online course. But is it always the best solution? »

A turning point in teaching

A turning point in my teaching was realizing that I cannot make sense of ideas for students. »

Double the fun: Two-stage exams in a mastery grading course

In my Modern Algebra course, I needed a timed exam to cover certain kind of knowledge, but I also wanted revisions. The solution? Two-stage exams. »

The Flipped Learning One-Year-Plan

If you're thinking about changing a class over to a flipped learning model, don't try it on short notice. Instead, give yourself a year to get there. Here's a guide. »