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Building Calculus: A sample set of activities

A sample set of actual activities for my Fall 2020 calculus course, designed using the framework from an earlier post. »

Mastery grading and academic honesty

The problem of academic honesty in online courses may have nothing to do with being online -- it may have much more to do with how we grade. »

Research report: What are the biggest barriers to online learning?

A 2005 study sheds some light on what student perceive to be barriers for learning in online courses. »

My experiences as a department chair: A 3x3 reflection

I've finished up my year as department chair, and here's a 3x3 reflection on what I learned, what surprised me, and what I still don't know. »

Models for the Fall

First up for Fall 2020: Figuring out the instructional model for my Calculus class. »