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Mathematics professor who writes and speaks about math, research and practice on teaching and learning, technology, productivity, and higher education.
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Is it active learning?

How do we tell whether something students do is really active learning or not? Look back at the definition. »

Research report: How does hyflex work in a large course?

Some surprises emerge from a research article studying student preferences in a hyflex-designed large general education course. »

Three questions to ask about designing active learning tasks

Developing active learning tasks for students takes more than just changing the instructions on a lecture example. Ask three questions first. »

Negative results about flipped learning from a randomized trial: A critique (Part 2)

Part 2 of a two-part critique, of a recent study that found some disturbing results about flipped learning. »

Research report: Experiencing the hyflex model

We look at a research study examining student choices and motivations in a hybrid-flexible or "hyflex" course and find some surprising results. »