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Mathematics professor who writes and speaks about math, research and practice on teaching and learning, technology, productivity, and higher education.
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Three things I learned as (interim) department chair

I was unexpectedly made chair of my department for two months this summer. Here's three things I learned from the experience. »

Agile student feedback through the Five-Question Summary

Five simple questions can generate some highly useful, rich, and informative data about student engagement in a course. »

How much research has been done on flipped learning? Update for 2019

Here's the annual update on "how much research is out there about flipped learning". In 2018, we saw some major changes. »

Hospitals and the humanity of students

Some lessons on teaching learned while recovering from open-heart surgery. »

Is flipped learning just self-teaching?

How to respond to the complaint that in flipped learning, students are being made to teach themselves the subject? »