Speaking and Workshops

Upcoming engagements

I'm taking a break from speaking and workshops through the end of 2018 to focus on teaching and administrative duties at GVSU. But I'm available for 2019 and beyond -- see below for information on how to contact me for talks and workshops.

I speak and facilitate workshops in a number of areas related to teaching and learning in higher education. My main areas of focus are:

  • Flipped learning --- How to design flipped learning courses; research behind flipped learning; and more
  • Teaching with technology -- Using clickers, computer programming interfaces, and other tech to enhance student learning
  • Learning spaces -- Active learning spaces, faculty offices, and other space-related topics (fueled by my recent sabbatical at Steelcase)

But I am always up for trying something new, so if you're interested in having me speak or work with your group on something besides these, let me know what you have in mind.

About my speaking and workshops

What my speaking and workshop facilitation have in common is a focus on research-based yet practical ideas, delivered with energy and positive enthusiasm. My goal is to leave my audiences and participants both inspired and enabled to become better at what they do.

My speaking experiences include everything from 3-minute "lightning" talks to 90-minute interactive plenary sessions and everything in between, and includes both academic and non-academic audiences. I don't have a "stock" keynote that I give over and over; I customize each keynote to fit the needs and background of the audience and the theme of the event. It's more fun and more real that way.

My workshops, regardless of topic, all center on having participants make something that they can take with them and expand on later. I have given workshops on teaching with free/cheap tech tools; flipped learning design; teaching with classroom response systems; and more.

The most popular workshop I facilitate is Flipped learning by design. In this workshop, participants work in small groups, playing the role of instructional designers, working together to design a flipped learning version of a single lesson from a single course for a fictitious-but-realistic faculty colleague, using the principles of design thinking. Flipped learning by design comes in different sizes:

  • 90-minute. Participants will demonstrate understanding of flipped learning design and brainstorm realistic components for a flipped lesson.
  • 3-hour. Participants will demonstrate understanding of flipped learning design and build the learning framework, instructional materials, and instructional plan for a flipped lesson and present their work to their peers.
  • 6-hour (1-day). Participants will demonstrate understanding of flipped learning design and build a complete flipped learning lesson including learning objectives, instructional materials, before-class exercises, and pre-formative assessment materials, and present their work to their peers.
  • 2-day. Participants will do everything found in the 6-hour workshop, and additionally will design in-class learning activities and prepare printed materials ready to deploy in a real class, and will present their work to their peers.

Working together

If this sounds interesting, then great! Let's talk more. Just contact me by email (robert.talbert@gmail.com, on Twitter, or connect with me on LinkedIn and let me know what you have in mind. It helps to have the following information when you contact me:

  • What's the context? Is this event part of a larger event, like a conference or multiple-day retreat? Is there a specific issue you'd like me to address? Are there any details about your faculty and institution that would be helpful for me to know?
  • What's the location and the time frame? An exact date is most helpful, but if it's pretty far off in the future, just a general time frame is OK. My current schedule for events is at the top of this page.

About fees and honoraria: When contracted to do a speaking or workshop engagement, my expectations for funding are that the host will pay for all food, travel, and lodging expenses and also provide a speaker fee/honorarium in addition. (Some hosts prefer to pay one lump sum that covers both the speaker fee and all expenses.) The amount of the speaker fee depends on many factors including the amount of preparation required, the length of the event, and more; so please contact me first and we can discuss the financials at that time.

Once your organization has retained me as a speaker or workshop facilitator, here is what you can expect from me:

  1. Prompt, professional, and transparent replies to all your emails and phone calls.
  2. A personal conversation with me prior to the event, to help me gauge your needs and interests.
  3. Thorough preparation and quality materials, especially for workshops which will provide a number of “take-home” materials for participants.
  4. Arrival on-site at least one hour before the talk or workshop, to be prepared and properly set up when the event begins.
  5. For talks — an energetic, positive message tailored to the specific interests of your group. For workshops — a vigorous time of work (and fun!) with a clear purpose in mind, again tailored to the specific interests of your group.
  6. A brief follow-up conversation following the event to make sure I met your expectations and to get feedback.
  7. Continued accessibility to workshop participants through email and social media, in case participants have any remaining questions or ideas that didn’t get addressed on site. I provide 30 days of free one-on-one consulting to all workshop participants following workshops.

Again, I really enjoy this part of my work and I would be honored to work with you and your group if I can help fill a need. Please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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