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A keynote on active learning theory and practice  

Here's my keynote address to the Educational Technology Organization of Michigan in 2019, titled "Active Learning: Three reasons to embrace it, three reasons to avoid it, and three questions". It's about the powerful research and powerful stories behind active learning in the higher education classroom, and how everyday faculty can make it work in a sustainable and practical way.

This talk is typical of my approach to keynotes and workshops: Grounded in research, embodied in the stories of everyday faculty (including myself), free of buzzwords, and designed to be both challenging and practical.

Keynote speaking and workshops

Through my 25+ year career as a faculty member in higher education, and more recently in research and administration, I've worked tirelessly to experiment with and advance real innovation in teaching and learning. All of what I do is grounded in my classroom experience, and I never speak about anything that I haven't tried myself or would be willing to try.

I spend a lot of time writing about innovations in higher education on this website and at Grading For Growth (co-authored with Prof. David Clark). I write about how to have a sustainable and satisfying life in higher education, at Intentional Academia. I'm also the author of Flipped Learning: A Guide for Higher Education Faculty the first and (as far as I know) only single-volume comprehensive work on flipped instruction in higher education; and the co-author (with David Clark) of Grading For Growth, a book on alternative grading systems and how to implement them.

My speaking events aim to communicate critical ideas and get the audience thinking, no matter who's in the audience. I pride myself on doing this with no B.S., and no buzzwords. If you're looking for someone fluent in edu-speak, I am not your guy. I instead focus on getting to the heart of important matters, in simple language, backed up by research, embodied by stories, and with a sense of urgency – and fun.

My workshops focus less on talk and more on action, with the goal of having participants build something that they can think about and use, whether it's a flipped learning lesson, a computer simulation, or an alternative grading system prototype. They're called work-shops for a reason! The ultimate goal is to build a local community of practice among the participants who can then support each other and drive positive change at your college, school, or business.

What you can expect

If you retain me as a speaker or workshop facilitator, you can expect an open, organized process for planning and executing the event, and a positive experience at the event itself.

After agreeing to do your event, I will contact you at least several weeks before the event to have a 20-minute organizational meeting on logistics and background.

Each event is a "custom build" that takes into account the latest research and your audience's unique situation. I typically have the background research completed one month before the event; the materials drafted two weeks before; and all materials completed one week before. You'll be kept in the loop the whole way.

On the day of the event, I will be available at least one hour before it begins to handle technical issues. At the event itself, the audience will receive a "Resource Page" with links to slides, research papers, web pages, and any other resource that makes an appearance in the talk or presentation.


Here is a list of the kinds of events I typically offer and the typical range of prices for each.

  • Online live "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) sessions: \$300 for 30 minutes, \$500 for 50 minutes. AMA's are unscripted sessions where the audience can literally ask me anything and I will answer the questions.
  • One-hour keynote addresses: \$1500-\$2000
  • Three-hour workshops: \$2500-\$5000
  • Six-hour workshops: \$4000-\$7000

The exact price of an event depends on several factors such as the topic, how much background research is required, and so on that are best determined through a conversation with you.

Prices are the same for online events as for in-person, and they do not include costs of travel, lodging, food, or ground transportation which are also typically paid for by the host.

All workshop events include up to three hours of free one-on-one consultation with workshop participants up to 30 days following the workshop. This is a $150 value per participant that I include for free if you hire me for a workshop, because I want to help participants jump-start their innovations.

If you have an event in mind that isn't listed above, let me know what you are thinking about anyway.

Speaking and Workshops Request Form

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