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Research report: Experiencing the hyflex model

We look at a research study examining student choices and motivations in a hybrid-flexible or "hyflex" course and find some surprising results. »

How much research has been done on flipped learning? Update for 2019

Here's the annual update on "how much research is out there about flipped learning". In 2018, we saw some major changes. »

How does flipped learning affect student motivation?

We look at a recent research study linking flipped learning based in self-determination theory to improvements in student motivations to learn. »

Diving in to flipped learning research

If you're interested in reading more research on flipped learning or anything else, but feel overwhelmed about where to start or how to proceed, here's a guide for getting started. »

How much research has been done on flipped learning? Annual update for 2018

How much research has been published on flipped learning? Here's an update to my data on this, including all of 2017, along with remarks and predictions. »