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Designing the future faculty office

While on sabbatical with Steelcase, I was involved in a project to re-envision the faculty office. Rather than seeing it go away, the faculty office will stick around: As a learning space. »

The power of confronting what we don't know

Why do so many students want to return to traditional pedagogies, even when they see the benefits of active learning? »

How do we get students to complete pre-class work?

An onging issue in flipped learning (and elsewhere) is how to get students to complete pre-class work. Two theoretical frameworks from psychology can help. »

What does the research say about flipped learning

We already know that flipped learning is undergoing explosive growth. But what does all this research actually say about teaching and learning with the flipped learning model? »

How do students with learning disabilities experience online and blended courses?

We look at a study on the experiences of students with learning disabilities in online and blended courses to see what we might learn about their experiences with flipped learning environments. »