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Three highly effective productivity hacks for dealing with unstructured time

I've worked in mostly unstructured environments over the last two years. Here are 3 productivity hacks that allowed me to get stuff done. »

Working in a semester that's one month long

How I'm learning to love constraints, as I put an entire semester's work into a single month sprint. »

Planning as an act of hope

How do you approach planning short- and long-term goals, when you have no idea what the next 120 days will be like, or even if you'll be around at the end of it? »

Start the semester at Inbox Zero

Professors joke about drowning in email, but it's a problem that hampers our professional work. Here's how to get to Inbox Zero and stay there. »

Fixed schedule productivity in academics

Tired of working nights and weekends as a faculty member? The concept of fixed-schedule productivity might help. »