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4+1 Interview with Andrew Kim

Restarting the 4+1 Interview series with questions for Andrew Kim, manager of the Workspace Futures group at Steelcase. »

The case for space in flipped learning

If you were to design a learning space specifically for a flipped learning course, what would it look like? »

How can a big lecture class become small and active?

A look at a study of implementing active learning in a big lecture class by a clever use of active learning spaces and hybrid course methods. »

Does space matter?

We look at a paper that attempts to see if learning spaces make a difference in student learning outcomes independently of pedagogy and other technology. »

Sabbatical report, week 5: On workspaces, collaboration, and isolation

One of the things I am learning through my sabbatical at Steelcase is the value of collaboration. How can a workspace promote collaboration? How does the typical academic workspace possibly inhibit collaboration. »