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A turning point in teaching

A turning point in my teaching was realizing that I cannot make sense of ideas for students. »

What I've learned so far as Assistant Chair

When I came back from my sabbatical I started a 3-year term as Assistant Chair of my department. It's been an experience. Here's what I've learned so far. »

Double the fun: Two-stage exams in a mastery grading course

In my Modern Algebra course, I needed a timed exam to cover certain kind of knowledge, but I also wanted revisions. The solution? Two-stage exams. »

Encouragement is the antidote for bad culture

When you have a dysfunctional working culture, what's the antidote? I think it's encouragement, whenever it's possible and sincere. »

Departmental culture building starts with everyone

Positive working cultures in higher education don't just "happen". But whose job is it to build them? »