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How much research has been done on flipped learning? Annual update for 2018

How much research has been published on flipped learning? Here's an update to my data on this, including all of 2017, along with remarks and predictions. »

Four challenges for flipped learning for the next five years

To keep flipped learning moving forward, I propose four moon-shot challenges for the flipped learning community to tackle from now to 2023. »

How do we get students to complete pre-class work?

An onging issue in flipped learning (and elsewhere) is how to get students to complete pre-class work. Two theoretical frameworks from psychology can help. »

What does the research say about flipped learning

We already know that flipped learning is undergoing explosive growth. But what does all this research actually say about teaching and learning with the flipped learning model? »

The case for space in flipped learning

If you were to design a learning space specifically for a flipped learning course, what would it look like? »