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GTD for Academics: The Trimesterly Review

13 minute read

Getting an occasional deep-dive/high-altitude look at our goals and values will help keep our tasks and projects in shape – and it just might help solve the ...

GTD for Academics: The weekly review

12 minute read

The secret ingredient to making GTD work isn’t so secret: It involves reviewing the entire system on a weekly basis. Here’s how that can work for college pro...

How I use Evernote

11 minute read

Part of my simple trusted system for GTD is Evernote. What is this app? What’s it for? What does it have to do with GTD? And why should people pay for it?

GTD for Academics: Simple Trusted System

21 minute read

GTD is about habits, not tools. But the tools are important too. What are the key components of a simple, trusted system that implements GTD? And how do I pe...