For GVSU students

This page serves as my main faculty contact page for students and colleagues at Grand Valley State University.

Where am I, and how can I be contacted?

My office is located in Mackinac Hall A-2-168. I’m always near the office when I am teaching (see below) and when office hours are in session (see below). Otherwise I sometimes work from home. To contact me, please use my GVSU email address (

What am I teaching? (Winter 2017 edition)

My schedule for Winter semester 2017 is:

Course Times
MTH 325, Discrete Structures for Computer Science 2, Section 02 MWF 10:00—10:50am
MTH 325, Discrete Structures for Computer Science 2, Section 03 MWF 9:00—9:50am

Both courses meet in Mackinac Hall A-2-167 (directly across the hall from my office).

Office hours will be determined during the first week of Winter semester courses and will be announced by the end of that week.

What kind of stuff am I researching?

I started off as an algebraic topologist (long story) and did my but gradually moved into research on applied algebra and cryptography. Several years ago I moved from pure mathematics research to research on the scholarship of teaching and learning particularly as it applies to undergraduate mathematics. Some of the questions I am interested in are:

  • How can technology, especially computer programming, be used to create effective learning environments in mathematics?
  • How does flipped learning affect the development of self-regulated learning skills in undergraduate mathematics students?
  • How does flipped learning affect the learning experiences of undergraduate math students with learning disabilities?

I’ve applied for a sabbatical for the 2017—2018 academic year in which I will be working on these questions a lot.

I also have a book coming out.

Where can I learn more?

Check out the rest of this website starting with the About page.